Games of Thrones™ Mobile Video Pokies

Fantasy enthusiasts and gaming enthusiasts alike are going to love Game of Thrones™ Mobile Pokies, and for many reasons. As one of Microgaming’s latest creations, this game has enjoyed and is the accumulation of years of gaming production and experience. It’s also a testament to the minds behind Microgaming - innovative minds who keep pushing the envelope to deliver the kind of games that evoke the imagination by way of graphics, sounds and entertaining bonus features. Game of Thrones isn’t a massive game, but it is the kind of game that brings with it the right amount of features to efficiently entertain and engulf the imagination of any player who deems this casino game worthy of his or her time.

Creating a Digital Masterpiece

Game of Thrones™ Mobile Slots is the result of spotting the right idea and just in the nick of time. Microgaming has forged a relationship with HBO in order to acquire certain rights that have allowed it to use imagery and likeness from the actual TV series to produce a game that is legitimately connected to the series. The television series has over 18 million viewers so there’s a lot riding on this pokies game. Luckily a stellar job has been done and the end results speak for themselves. Game of Thrones™ Mobile Pokies is an impressive piece of gaming software that incorporates key themes and ideas from the renowned series. In creating this digital masterpiece, Microgaming have included enough ways for players to go about striking it lucky and thanks to a wide software adaptability, this pokies game should run on iOS, Android and Java enable smartphones and tablets.

Some of the Features

Game of Thrones is a 5 reel video pokies games that has been released simultaneously for the online and mobile casino market. This stroke of genius has been reinforced by the game being available in two formats. Depending on player preference, this pokies game can be enjoyed as a 5 reel, 15 payline game or with 243 ways to win instead – whereby a player can forgo the traditional fixed payline structure in favour of something that is simpler.

Game of Throne’s most appealing aspects are found within its Free Spins Feature that consists of four bonus rounds. In sticking closely to the storyline of the TV series, each royal house is represented in this feature with its own set amount of free spins and extra win-enabling features. There will be a choice of deciding between Lannister, Stark, Baratheon and Targaryen. Choosing who to side with shall determine how much cash can be won and whether or not a player will be the ruler of the land of Westeros…