Avalon Android Pokies

The story of King Arthur and his burial on the isle of Avalon is deeply entrenched in mythology and popular culture. When the original Avalon online casino slots game was released in 2006, no one knew it was going to be such a big hit with players, with a continuing following to this day. Not only did Avalon become one of Microgaming’s most sought after titles, it spurred the company on to spend 2 years developing its much anticipated sequel, Avalon 2: The Quest for the Holy Grail. In the meantime, the original Avalon received the mobile treatment and is now available as the Avalon Android Pokies game. As is always the case, the conversion process has been a seamless one and has covered every single nook and cranny. In other words Avalon Android Pokies is the exact same game you would play on your desktop computer or laptop.

Avalon’s Compatibility

Avalon Android Pokies will work on most if not all manner of Android operated devices. Of course the more modern the unit, the better. However, what can be said with confidence is that this game will work on both smartphones and tablets employing the Android operating system to bring about massive winning opportunities. While Android is first and foremost, iOS or iPhone users can also enjoy this money-wielding casino game thanks to its HTML 5 compliance. To put things in a different perspective, if you’re an Android casino player, then your gaming experience can be compared to that of someone playing online using the Viper casino software. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, then your casino experience can be likened to making use of the Flash casino software.

Kingly Fun on 5 Reels and 20 Paylines

Avalon Android Pokies will inject your smartphone or tablet with 5 reels and 20 paylines of unrelenting fun made up of castles in the sky, jewel encrusted crowns and chalices, treasure chests and the ominous Lady of the Lake. Dazzling artwork and matching sounds work in conjunction to deliver a mobile pokies experience second to none. Brilliant features are on hand and ready to offer you additional winning possibilities in the form of Scatters, 2 Wilds, a Gamble Feature and 12 Free Spins with a 7x Multiplier. What do all these splendid features add up to you might ask? Between 30 000 and 210 000 coins!